It takes two – two sides of the brain, that is – to learn and retain. The right hemisphere of the brain responds to emotions. So we use emotional techniques to help us get our targeted consumers’ attention. Once we have it, they are in a position to absorb a message and retain it. For that, we target the left hemisphere.

We marry this idea with our WHY-HOW-WHAT message structure. WHY messages are best delivered by targeting using techniques that tap the emotive, or right side of the brain. HOW messages use equal parts of the left and right hemispheres, and WHAT messages utilize the left hemisphere. The left side targets analytical messaging.

A WDS hypothesis is that during an experience the left hemisphere becomes saturated and needs the right side to be restimulated periodically to be ready to retain analytical information again. We use these theories to link together an Experience Arc to our environments. Much like a Story Arc, the Experience Arc carefully orchestrates how a particular message is set up and delivered over time. Concepts like Barbara Fredrickson and Daniel Kahneman’s Peak-End Rule also get woven into our Experience Arcs. More on this in later posts…

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