New Exterior Sculpture Commission for the Regenstrief Institute


Last year we were installing the interior branding elements for the Regenstrief Institute, a research support organization of the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis. We were also asked to assist in the design of the exterior courtyard. We submitted several designs for an exterior centerpiece sculpture which celebrated the Institute’s founders, industrial visionary and philanthropist Sam Regenstrief, and his wife Myrtie. The pair founded the Institute with a vision of improving public health through technological innovation and cutting-edge healthcare research. We landed on a conceptual design early this year and spent the rest of the year developing the feature and working with our partners to engineer, fabricate and install it. Bassermatter helped us with the canopy design and geometry; Thorson Engineering did structural analysis; Shiel Sexton is pouring the foundation; Unalam is constructing the wooden humanoids, and Vulkane is fabricating the stainless canopy as well as installing the other components. Construction is underway with a scheduled installation early next year.

The sculpture consists of three main elements that combine to honor and symbolize Sam and Myrtie Regenstrief’s vision for the Institute:

A large ellipse-shaped bench/stage anchors the piece to the largest of three seating areas that make up the new courtyard. It is both a stage for presentations but also a bench to encourage impromptu discussions.

Two 20’H stylized, laminated wooden figures depict Sam and Myrtie Regenstrief. Cables affixed to their fingertips support a three-dimensional representation of the Institute’s mission to “create pathways to better health.”In other words, Sam and Myrtie are literally and figuratively supporting their mission for the Regenstrief Institute.

The undulating network of stainless rods, tubes, and spheres span over 1200 sq ft. and are meant to inspire those who work in its shadows to grow and connect the Institute’s various health related initiatives. Uplights in the stage will bathe the canopy in light at night providing a dramatic aspirational centerpiece for the courtyard.

Our latest sculpture is an excellent example of a new breed of art pieces and environmental branding that White Design Studio is creating to help to tell the story of an organization instead of being purely decorative. We are proud to be involved in this important project and look forward to seeing the finished piece. Until then, here are some of the concept sketches and renderings of our design.

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