New Rendering Styles Using SketchUp and Google Earth

Posted on September 13, 2017 in Details

Architectural rendering, or sometimes called architectural delineation, has been a big part of who White Design is since Peter discovered he had a knack for it back at Miami University’s Architecture School. Recently, we have been developing a couple of different styles for developers. SketchUp is the latest software workhorse around our studio. And now with its ability to link with GoogleEarth, site plans will never be the same. We can now build 3D architectural models and place them in context in Google Earth—Amazing! We can then take an infinite number of views from any perspective and adjust the rendering style from sketchy to photo-realistic. Animations, fly-overs, and tours are fast and easy to create. Couple this with our more tried and true Adobe tools (Illustrator and Photoshop) and we are now creating renderings and other visualization graphics that are easier to understand and deliver just the right amount of information to their specific audience. Here are a few sample styles that we’ve been experimenting with for some current projects.