A New look for an old Customer

We started working with our friends at JP Flooring over 20 years ago, and the first thing we did for them was to give them an identity. The now familiar logo has served them well over the years. Logos and brands are one of the most critical aspects of your business, and periodically it is beneficial to update your look to realign to your current marketing objectives. We recommend refining or, in some more creative brands like a design studio, dramatically changing your brand every five years or so. Well established brands must handle this carefully – attracting new customers while reengaging your existing ones.

We are currently redesigning JP Flooring’s Design Center in Cincinnati. One component of our brand refreshment was to update their beloved red carpet roll logo. We had several goals for the refresh:

• Simplifying the red logo with the logotype, JP Flooring Design Center
• Make the mark more flexible in other branding applications
• Make the mark more impactful and dynamic

Our solution, shown here, was to make a series of calculated design moves to let the JP logo be more integrated into the overall brand and to strengthen the mark to go from an abstract JP to a concrete JP. We are currently working through the execution of the new brand. Look for future stories on how we are keeping JP on top as one of the premier flooring showrooms in the country and how their graphics standards serve to guide every step in the process.