Our first Cincinnati Design Award for our work at JP Flooring in West Chester. Our new identity, architecture, showroom and interior design all combined to create one of the premier flooring showrooms in the country.

Celebrating 25 Years | White’s
Service Center

Peter’s cousins in Urbana, Ohio have a Ford dealership. They came to us because they were frustrated with corporate Ford’s vision for their new facility. We took inspiration from Peter’s Uncle Noel’s garage that had been a fixture in Urbana since the 40’s. The solution incorporated a new identity, architecture, interiors and graphics. It became one of our first, ground-up, …


TeachWater is a line of educational models that are used to teach children and adults alike about nature’s water-related principals. An interactive watershed table, cavern simulator, and high-flow stream aquarium are all products that are available. We helped our good friend and collaborator, Mike Strohm, to create an identity and web presence.


Nigel Spivey from Spinal Tap could turn it to 11, but we have to remind ourselves to exercise restraint when designing integrated branding solutions. If everything talks, then nothing does. The volume of the environment without our branding largely determines how loud our design has to talk. Another use of this phrase has to do with pushing on too many …

Celebrating 25 Years | Newsletters

The WhiteStuff was the title of our first blog and newsletter. We divided our work into five categories – Logos, Printed, Environmental, Interactive and Internet. Our categories have changed over the years but our passion for providing integrated branding remains.


JP Flooring was our first customer to use ALL of our skills to create a unified brand. We helped invent what a flooring store should look like—every detail was examined and woven into the final solution. Logo, ads, business cards, architecture, interiors, retail fixturing, furniture, lighting, environmental graphics, website, trucks, events – the list goes on and on. Since then, …


White Design Studio was founded by Peter White in 1991. A one room office in the former leasing offices of historical Mariemont was and has continued to be our home for 25 years – we have, however, moved across the street and added more space. Our first equipment? – A state-of-the-art Mac IICX, Radius grayscale and a 13″ Apple color …