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Posted on September 19, 2019 in Announcement

We are attending the 2019 AIA Ohio Valley Regional Conference on September 20th, 2019. Look for Peter and Jordan – Hint, they’ll be the ones in the chef’s hats. Ask them to bake some branding into your next project and while you are there, pick up a cookie.

A New look for an old Customer

Posted on November 26, 2018 in Announcement, Identity

We started working with our friends at JP Flooring over 20 years ago, and the first thing we did for them was to give them an identity. The now familiar logo has served them well over the years. Logos and brands are one of the most critical aspects of your business, and periodically it is beneficial to update your look to realign to your current marketing objectives. We recommend refining or, in some more creative brands like a design studio, dramatically changing your brand every five years or so. Well established brands must handle this carefully – attracting new customers while reengaging your existing ones.

We are currently redesigning JP Flooring’s Design Center in Cincinnati. One component of our brand refreshment was to update their beloved red carpet roll logo. We had several goals for the refresh:

• Simplifying the red logo with the logotype, JP Flooring Design Center
• Make the mark more flexible in other branding applications
• Make the mark more impactful and dynamic

Our solution, shown here, was to make a series of calculated design moves to let the JP logo be more integrated into the overall brand and to strengthen the mark to go from an abstract JP to a concrete JP. We are currently working through the execution of the new brand. Look for future stories on how we are keeping JP on top as one of the premier flooring showrooms in the country and how their graphics standards serve to guide every step in the process.



District 3 Police Station is Recognized

Posted on June 1, 2017 in Announcement

White Design Studio is proud to be part of the project team that brought this new facility to life. Peter White first facilitated a series of public art workshops—helping representatives from the 13 neighborhoods of District 3—conceptualize the design; then we developed a series of exterior and interior features that supported their vision. Finally, we engineered, fabricated and installed the finished environmental graphic design pieces.

Read the full article here

See our portfolio story here

Cincinnati builds what will be the country’s first Net Zero Energy police station






Peter White’s DSE 2017 Recap from Las Vegas – The Latest Digital Interactive Technology

Posted on April 10, 2017 in Announcement

Digital Technology Report 2017
We are always on the lookout for new digital interactive technology to incorporate into our branding, communications and storytelling solutions. The 2017 Digital Signage Exposition (DSE) 2017 held on March 28-30 showcased some exciting, new interactive technologies that could find their way into our solutions shortly. Las Vegas is Mecca for digital displays, so it was the perfect location to hold the show.

At White Design Studio, we integrate a variety of mediums and techniques into our experiential graphic design features. Always looking for new digital interactive technology, we diligently comb the digital horizon for hardware, software and peripheral devices that enable and facilitate our storytelling. WDS has always strived to make technology invisible in our designs, helping to deliver the show without it being the show. The iPhone’s tenth anniversary has made it increasingly difficult to stand out. Now going low-tech to demonstrate or deliver a key messaging is a more effective technique. With this in mind, this year’s show featured some exciting new digital interactive technology. The interactive technologies left us re-energized and anxious to weave some of these innovations into one of our future communications challenges. Here are top 3 things Peter brought back from the show:

1. DynaFlash – We have been experimenting with projection mapping for almost a decade now. We like how it marries static white sculptural shapes with frenetic digital skins, and we have utilized it as a storytelling technique that is unique, artful and engaging. Tucked in the back of the show, the Inrevium Company booth was plain and small. It was manned by animated, non-English speaking youth who were obviously excited by what they were demonstrating but at first glance, I was unsure of its application. It was only after some research that the possibilities for this device revealed itself.

The DynaFlash projector delivers video at 1000fps (frames per second). That is impressive compared to an average projector running a standard 24-30fps, but it is the dynamic projection mapping onto deforming non-rigid surfaces that make it special—”What did you say?” When this super-fast projector links to projection mapping software, it can continuously map digital images onto an ever-changing and moving screen. Think of an advertiser being able to project a video onto the back of an NBA player’s jersey – ok, maybe not, but that is the easiest way to understand what this digital interactive technology can do. Low latency (response time) keeps the image refreshed while the geometry of the screen (the jersey in this NBA illustration) is continuously moving. Once this idea clicked with us, our minds began to smoke with possibilities.

Watch this quick video:

2. ViewNeo – Computers are great at triggering other computers or software events. Triggering a light bulb to come on or other another powered device has been an expensive and cumbersome task. Enter ViewNeo, a Düsseldorf-based company with a low-cost ecosystem that utilizes actuators and sensors to trigger software, hardware and external devices (like a light bulb or any 110 power socket). This digital interactive technology is inexpensive, German-designed and efficient (we already said German, didn’t we?). The interactive system consists of a central sign player hub, called the Butler.But here is where it gets interesting; they also sell Motion Sensor Detectors. These detectors trigger the Sign Player AND Radio Plugs – 110 outlet switches – that are integrated into video timelines to come on and off. A boon for multimedia presentations that extend off the computer screen and into the environment. Think of a diorama or store display that reacts to your audience’s proximity and then deliver a dynamic environmental presentation using a variety of powered props – like a product turntable, a bank of lights or even a fan. The sample installation in their booth had a video that was art directed into marrying these external events into the video. e.g. When the light bulb turned on, the lighting on the model on the video changed to reflect the external change – they did the same thing with a fan – the model’s hair began to blow in the breeze. Very effective. Very affordable. Very aufregend. Very aufregend indeed.

Peter White

Great new digital interactive technology at the DSE 2017 in Las Vegas

3. EloTouch’s – EloView Solution – We’ve been specifying EloTouch monitors for a long time. We’ve also designed several proprietary software packages for specific projects that also lend themselves to a host of other applications. Obstacles to deploying our solutions are IT integration, set-up, delivery, content/operating software updates/maintenance. Enter, EloView, a new solution from EloTouch – a cloud-based authoring hub, EloTouch monitor and form factor PC integrated solution.

With this digital interactive technology, we can author any App or HTML5 Website and run it over the EloView solution. First an EloTouch touchscreen-enabled monitor arrives onsite. Then, it only has to be plugged into an outlet and connected to the local WIFI – easy. The EloView online portal delivers the content to the unit. It allows constant monitoring and updating by our team. It can even set up a series of monitors for campus installations. All connected, up-to-date and remote-maintained. It all runs on Android, and there is no limit to the number of accounts we can host. It even has a camera so incorporating proximity and motion activation into the designs is easy and seamless. A game changer for custom-designed, interactive, touch solutions. We can’t wait to try it out on some of our custom software solutions.

Look for more reports in the future. For more information on how White Design Studio can integrate a communications solution for you, contact Peter directly at

Motorists’ Innovation Hub

Posted on March 20, 2017 in Announcement, Details, EGD, Identity

The Motorist Insurance Group prides itself on fostering a culture and way of thinking that breeds innovation and promotes empowerment, collaboration, and fresh ideas. As such, it was necessary for their new identity and environmental graphics to reflect and fully embody this mentality.

We partnered with WSA to bring Motorist Insurance Group’s new identity to life in environmental graphics. As part of the exercise, we also created a name and identity for the new Innovation Center. The Intersection is the name given to the space with people + environment + technology = innovation as its tagline.

The multi-dimensional logo brings the name to life and can be seen throughout the space. Public corridors show off the Motorists’ new logo and environmental graphics treatment. Designs on the glass cast shadows on the newly refreshed interiors, and the new Motorists logo mark accents each window niche. The centerpiece, located in the break room, features a four-sided rendition of the new mark located around a column.

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White Design Studio is Growing

Posted on January 22, 2017 in Announcement


White Design Studio in Cincinnati has expanded to C-bus. Muti-disciplined designer Peter White has moved back to his hometown in Columbus, Ohio and is quickly making his presence known talking to local partners and customers. Plans for additional space is on the boards, and Peter is intent on creating a dream studio in his 1800’s barn. See the attached photos for a hint of what’s to come, and look for updates coming soon.

White Design Studio in Cincinnati continues to operate from our original Mariemont location, just as we have for the past 25 years. Now our customers and partners have two reasons to visit us!

White Design Studio WDS


Packaging Design | Lotus Flower Tea | Matcha

Posted on December 5, 2016 in Announcement


Matcha is the cure for almost everything and who wouldn’t want to design and brand that package! We landed on this clean treatment that features an ensō design. “In Zen Buddhism, an ensō is a circle that is hand-drawn in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create.” “It also symbolizes absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and mu (the void). It is characterized by a minimalism born of Japanese aesthetics.”

We kept with that tradition by utilizing a minimal black and white treatment and clean type. The result is eye-catching on the shelf, easy to produce and an appropriate visual metaphor for the product. We also designed the mark/logo for the company that imports the Matcha – Lotus Flower Tea.


New Exterior Sculpture Commission for the Regenstrief Institute

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Last year we were installing the interior branding elements for the Regenstrief Institute, a research support organization of the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis. We were also asked to assist in the design of the exterior courtyard. We submitted several designs for an exterior centerpiece sculpture which celebrated the Institute’s founders, industrial visionary and philanthropist Sam Regenstrief, and his wife Myrtie. The pair founded the Institute with a vision of improving public health through technological innovation and cutting-edge healthcare research. We landed on a conceptual design early this year and spent the rest of the year developing the feature and working with our partners to engineer, fabricate and install it. Bassermatter helped us with the canopy design and geometry; Thorson Engineering did structural analysis; Shiel Sexton is pouring the foundation; Unalam is constructing the wooden humanoids, and Vulkane is fabricating the stainless canopy as well as installing the other components. Construction is underway with a scheduled installation early next year.

The sculpture consists of three main elements that combine to honor and symbolize Sam and Myrtie Regenstrief’s vision for the Institute:

A large ellipse-shaped bench/stage anchors the piece to the largest of three seating areas that make up the new courtyard. It is both a stage for presentations but also a bench to encourage impromptu discussions.

Two 20’H stylized, laminated wooden figures depict Sam and Myrtie Regenstrief. Cables affixed to their fingertips support a three-dimensional representation of the Institute’s mission to “create pathways to better health.”In other words, Sam and Myrtie are literally and figuratively supporting their mission for the Regenstrief Institute.

The undulating network of stainless rods, tubes, and spheres span over 1200 sq ft. and are meant to inspire those who work in its shadows to grow and connect the Institute’s various health related initiatives. Uplights in the stage will bathe the canopy in light at night providing a dramatic aspirational centerpiece for the courtyard.

Our latest sculpture is an excellent example of a new breed of art pieces and environmental branding that White Design Studio is creating to help to tell the story of an organization instead of being purely decorative. We are proud to be involved in this important project and look forward to seeing the finished piece. Until then, here are some of the concept sketches and renderings of our design.

White Design Studio is a multidisciplinary design firm located in Cincinnati Ohio. We specialize in the design, production, and installation of integrated branding. We believe that branded environments are the most efficient way to communicate your message to all of the audiences that interact with it.















The White Design Advantage

Posted on July 11, 2016 in Announcement

Sometimes we do our best work when we are under a tight deadline. That was the case with the Unicell Manufacturing Company project. They are located in Toronto and Buffalo, New York and have been developing a revolutionary new electric delivery vehicle for the likes of UPS, FedEx and one of Canada’s major players, Purolator. Unicell had an opportunity to show it off to some of the electric vehicle’s biggest players at Discovery, Canada’s Premier Innovation Showcase, held at the Toronto Convention Center in May 2016.

WDS helped rebrand the effort by changing the name and tagline, and creating a new graphic look for the vehicle and support materials too.

Advantage was the name we selected – a logo and tag soon followed. From there, the delivery van graphic wrap was designed and applied, and a website, brochure, and videos were designed and produced.


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Peter and Tim have been friends since Beluga’s sushi chefs were living in Tim’s garage! Tim’s shop Vulkane is one of our most valued—and fun—partners. A great article and we even get a “name check.” It’s nice to see them getting the press they deserve! Tim Kane, Thomas Condon and the rest of gang do great work. White Design has partnered with Vulkane to produce sculptures, interior features, interactive displays, large-scale graphics and other environmental graphic design pieces for a wide variety of corporate clients.

Read the article here: