Corporate Identity – CenterStone

Leaders in building design and interior design, BHDP wants to be competitive in a variety of different spaces. They are also leveraging the culture and the specific workflow of companies to achieve the best workplace design. They advise their clients on a wide range of services, and their portfolio changes constantly with to accommodate building industry and market trends.

It is often the case that the broader your business model, the more neutral your identity should be. We conceived the BHDP identity as a tree system, with the logo and tag line at the trunk level, their website and broad brushstroke communications at the limb level, and specific job documents and proposals at the leaf-level.

In concepting BHDP Architecture’s new identity, we built a system where each piece had a specific function, like: demonstrative, emotional, informative, specific, and universal. These cues were created for the final consumers, but also for the future authors.

Because of the strength and flexibility of the system, BHDP is able to “Build a Brochure” for each client, “Build a Presentation” for each client, or “Build a Document” for each submission.

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