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Mason, Ohio.


Spear Systems is an industry leader in innovative and sustainable packaging. They needed a fresh take on their corporate identity. Our challenge was to design an identity that didn’t lose their existing equity but reflected their global reach. They also needed a system for integrating other product names and company-wide initiatives under one brand. Our brand identity solution embraced the DNA of the original mark, while incorporating a more dynamic, emotional, and global shape.

We then used the new brand identity and applied it to all of their access points. Through print design, digital design, and environmental graphic design we created an integrated brand system that delivers a unified experience across all platforms.


To learn more about the environmental graphic design for Spear, follow the link here.

New brand identity for Spear Systems. Image shows newly designed Spear logo.

Spear is a global corporation that prints labels for a huge portion of the beverage and food packaging industry. Their innovations can be seen in grocery and convenience stores the world over. The Spear corporate brand identity and print package needed to be emotional, innovative, clean and precise. We worked directly with our fabricator, API, to ensure our material for Spear was of the same exacting quality that they lavish on their own clients.

Example black and white photography as part of brand guidelines for Spear

Expanded color palette for new brand identity designed for Spear

Re-designed corporate identity for Spear reversed out of light blue

Re-designed logo for Spear as part of brand identity refresh. Logo is reversed out of dark gray.

Example of digital design as part of brand identity refresh for Spear. Image shows line of products on a background with light blue shapes.

Tagline for Spear reversed out of navy blue. Text reads: Better Labeling. Clear and Simple.

Example of print design for Spear. Image shows letterhead and pocket folder detail with Spear logo.

Print design for Spear Systems, image shows detail of business card in a pocket folder.

Website design for Spear Systems with new brand identity design.

Experiential design for Spear Systems in Mason, Ohio. Picture shows lobby with new logo behind desk.

Experiential graphic design system for Spear. Large, custom monument pulls people through package exhibit.

White Design Studio is a multidisciplinary design firm located in Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio. We specialize in the design, production, and installation of integrated branding solutions. Our solutions orchestrate corporate identity, marketing, storytelling, environmental, photography, video, print and interactive elements. At White Design Studio, we believe the best way to communicate your brand’s story is through branded environments and experiences. We work with manufacturers, service providers, non-profits, architects and developers, agencies, distributors, governments and municipalities, and museums. First, we identify the work that a campaign, space, or interactive needs to do. We can then model a vision of what success looks like, and design to meet that vision. We are passionate about helping clients communicate their value through well-crafted storytelling, a consistent 2D, 3D, and digital design approach and expert production techniques.
Strategy: White Design Studio is your strategically-focused design source. Our marketing communications are custom-tailored to meet our customers’ objectives. Our creative solutions take many forms, but all are designed for maximum effectiveness. Each solution delivers key brand messaging to a wide variety of audiences.
Brand Audit: Every brand needs realigning every five years or so. White Design Studio provides comprehensive brand audits to help evaluate what existing materials support or, more importantly, dilute your brand. We’ll make your identity stronger and offer suggestions to move your group to a more integrated brand experience.  
Brand Guidelines: Every use of your brand is an opportunity to reinforce your messaging and differentiate you from your competition. Our Brand Guidelines, or Brand Platforms, ensure that each opportunity is meaningful and effective. These Guidelines are your branding playbook; illustrating your brand story and defining graphic rules for use in designing brand materials. We’ll help guide you on not only how your brand talks, but how it looks as well. 
Branded Experience: Sometimes called Environmental Graphic Design or Experiential Graphic Design, White Design Studio designs and creates strategic, compelling and memorable experiences. Our solutions deliver key messaging, branded specifically for each target audience. Workplace, Corporate Briefing Centers, Showrooms and Lobbies, Museum Displays and Exhibits, Retail Showrooms and Store Design are all great examples of White Design’s sweet spot of design, fabrication and installation capabilities.
Identity: Corporate Identity, branding and logo design is the foundation of any successful communications strategy. Peter White and White Design Studio have been inventing, developing, interpreting and extending brands for over 40 years!
Printed: Even in the Digital Age, print elements are still an important component in most successful communications strategies. White Design Studio and Peter White have over 40 years experience in designing and producing a variety of printed pieces. Corporate Capability Brochures, Newsletters, Product Brochures, and Catalogs, Direct Mail and Spec Sheets–as well as creating ads for publications, magazines, and newspapers–are just a few of the elements that we provide for our customers. Each piece is an integrated component of the overall brand, and each delivers targeted messages to the intended audience. Seamless branding across any medium is our passion.
Web/Mobile: Website solutions are an important part of any integrated branding effort. We obsess over the user experience UI and User Experience UX. Expert SEO–Search Engine Optimization–integration ensures that your message will be easily found and seen by your targeted audiences.
White Design Studio operates most efficiently in the design sweet-spot between environments, identity, and communications. Comfortable stretching any direction, we are at ease designing for one element. But, we are at our best when we can combine each element to develop a fully integrated brand and messaging system. We collaborate with industry-leading professionals on large-scale projects, but can also comfortably operate as your single-source design partner. We partner with Developers, Architects, Engineers, Facility Managers, Creative Directors, Marketing Departments Advertising Agencies and other Design Studios.