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Cincinnati, Ohio.


St. Aloysius has been a Cincinnati landmark since the early 1800’s. We helped them define and refine their brand identity and brand messaging. Our structured design process included leadership interviews and internal/external design charrettes. Finally, we assembled everything into an electronic brand system for distribution to stakeholders.


The new brand identity informed everything from printed items to environmental graphic design. Custom sculpture, wall murals, and wayfinding all worked together to create a unique experience for students and staff. While print and digital design templates provided them with a cohesive way to tell their brand story.


To see more on the Environmental Graphic Design of this project, follow the link here.

Logo re-design for St. Aloysius in Cincinnati, Ohio as part of brand identity refresh. Logo is purple on white background.

Example of printed design package as part of St. Aloysius brand identity system. Image shows an open pocket folder with a Catalogue, business card, invitation, and service sheet.

We created a comprehensive marketing and integrated brand strategy for St. Aloysius. Since developing the system, we’ve had the opportunity to execute it in a wide variety of printed communications.

Print design system designed for St. Aloysius as part of their brand identity refresh. Image shows printed materials laid out on white background.

Our design system centers around St. Aloysius’ brand story. We increased communication effectiveness through consistency, simplicity, imagery and targeted messaging. We designed each marketing material to trumpet their message clearly and consistently. More organizations are realizing the importance of an integrated design strategy that shares their brand story through all mediums. This is a recipe we have been trumpeting for decades!

Printed materials as part of the brand identity system for St. Aloysius. Image shows letterhead, pocket folder, business card, envelopes, and invitations laid out on white backdrop.

We wrote the book on St. Aloysius, developing their whole identity and messaging system. Then, we put everything into effect through a wide variety of printed communications. Our structured, integrated system uses both physical size and orientation as visual cues to the type of message and audience. Business cards, brochures, pocket folders, letterhead, envelopes, service brochures and data sheets, as well as invitations and newsletters, are just some of the members in the St. Al print family. Each member does its job, at every level of communication, for every audience.

Sample photography as part of the brand guidelines developed for St. Aloysius. Image on left shows a smiling little boy in yellow shirt, image on right shows a little girl in a pink shirt smiling while using a computer.

Expanded color palette designed for St. Aloysius' brand identity system. Color palette is part of the brand guidelines.

Re-designed logo for St. Aloysius reversed out of purple.

Re-designed St. Aloysius logo reversed out of light blue as part of the brand guidelines.

Layout design details from the brand guidelines for St. Aloysius. Image shows grid system designed for new brand strategy..

Example page from brand guideline. Image shows a layout design with the grid system overlaid on top for reference.

Example layout using brand grid system designed for St. Aloysius.

Example layout of grid system from brand guidelines for St. Aloysius. Image shows large purple and green blocks with a white silhouette of a child jumping.

Example of layout designed as part of the brand experience. Orange and grey blocks fit the St. Aloysius grid system.

Layout design for branded experience as part of brand guidelines for St. Aloysius.

St. Aloysius tagline reversed out of purple. Text reads: Inspiring Hope. Transforming Lives.

Detail of printed materials for St. Aloysius. Text reads: The Need is Now, 2013 Capital Campaign

Detail of print material for St. Aloysius brand re-design. Image shows example of a printed, quarterly newsletter design.

Custom designed invitations printed for St. Aloysius' new brand.

Branded environment for St. Aloysius features custom, hanging airplane sculpture, wayfinding, and large-scale wall graphics.

Detail of branded experience for St. Aloysius shows example of large-scale wall graphics. Graphics are made up of a colorful grid, white silhouettes, images, and text. Text reads: A #2 pencil and a dream can take you anywhere - Joyce A. Myers.

Example of large-scale wall graphics as part of experiential graphic design package for St. Aloysius

Branded environment showing large-scale, dimensional wall graphics and wayfinding along hallway in St. Aloysius.

Example of wayfinding system designed for St. Aloysius in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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