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Sometimes a pandemic is just the ticket for starting something new. That was the case with Yankee Street Farm and Garden. We think all designers secretly aspire to have their very own brand to manage. Peter, our founder, wanted to start an organic farm ever since buying his family farm four years ago. Finally, in 2019 he took the plunge. We developed two new brand identities, a website, packaging, and marketing materials to support the new operation. This project flexed all our design muscles.


First, we designed the brand identity and messaging for the farm itself. Then, we needed to create an identity for a diverse, and growing, line of products. To meet these needs, we created the 1808 Collection. This brand allows YSF to collaborate with local artists, manufacturers, and vendors. The brand represents products that will enhance and enrich a healthy lifestyle. The name comes from a carving in one of the outbuildings found on the farm. 1808, we believe, is the founding year of the farm. Therefor, it felt like an appropriate symbol for this current venture, as we forge ahead in this new world.

Logo design for Yankee Street Farm and Garden brand identity. Logo is black on white background.


Peter’s parents named the farm after the, now closed, old road in front of the main house. We leaned into this motivation for our Yankee Street Farm and Garden brand identity. The logo also uses Civil War-inspired type and a simple border design – half label, half street sign. We use the new logo on various objects, including harvest crates, trailer truck, social media, marketing, and website.

Custom-built crates stacked in barn with Yankee Street Farm and Garden logo in black on side.

Excellent food deserves a beautiful container. We designed and hand-built crates to distribute the weekly shares. First, we started with a simple design that clearly displayed the brand identity and showed off the produce. Then, we made sure they nested for easy shipping. Finally, we designed specially fit plastic bottoms for easy cleaning. Now, each week these crates become a canvas with farmhands artfully filling them with fresh vegetables and items from the 1808 store.

Vehicle wrap designed as part of brand identity for Yankee Street Farm and Garden. Design features logo, illustration, and text on side of a white, refrigerated trailer. Text reads: Kale Yeah. It's Harvest Time. Get your share, Yankeestreetfarm.com

Chilling the fresh vegetables for transportation was a must. So we designed a trailer to be the mobile refrigerator. Now, the members’ food stays fresh to their door. We designed custom branded graphics for the side and back of the trailer. The graphics help raise awareness while also driving (no pun intended) additional CSA (Community Sustained Agriculture) subscriptions.

Yankee Street Farm and Garden logo reversed out of black background.

Brand identity and logo for Yankee Street Farm and Garden reversed out of dark green background.

1808 logo designed as part of Yankee Street Farm and Garden brand identity package. Logo is black on white background.

Sample of brand identity for the 1808 store. Image shows variety of logos where the "0" can be designed to have images or graphics behind it.

We designed the mark for the 1808 brand identity to be flexible. This way, it easily adapts to express the wide variety of merchandise we have planned for the brand.

Packaging design for Yankee Street Farm and Garden olive oil and vinegars. Image shows four bottles on wooden table with head of lettuce.

Some of the first products – honey, bottles of vinegar and olive oil – show the brand in use. While sharing common elements from the brand identity, each package is also designed for flexibility. Different shapes, sizes, and varieties all have a unique look while remaining part of the brand family.

Brand identity and package design for the 1808 honey. Filled honey jar sits on rock with field of grass in background.

Webite design for Yankee Street Farm and Garden. Image shows webpage displayed on laptop sitting on wooden table.

The website design was clean and functional. Since the topic of CSAs can be complex, we wanted a simple website. We focused on user experience and ease of use, while providing members much needed weekly updates. The website also includes an 1808 store, FAQs, and easy-to-find recipes. 

Yankee Street Farm and Garden branded crate filled with vegetables sits next to Harvest Sheets - printed materials that help members assess what is in the crate and how to use it.

Finally, we integrated the brand across all the brand materials for a cohesive look and messaging.

1808 branded bandana is folded on top of vegetables in a Yankee Street Farm and Garden CSA crate.

It’s all about presentation so each crate is designed artfully. This crate design celebrated the first honey harvest – complete with a sample jar and commemorative “bee ” bandana.

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