New, clean website mixes beauty and science to help Power Crunch products stand out in the sports nutrition marketplace.

Power Crunch is a leader in sports nutrition. Their new website helps communicate the science-based technology that makes Power Crunch products the best fuel for all your workouts. The new website continues the theme we developed in Power Crunch’s ad campaign. The site wraps their story and products into a super-clean, cool, parallax, WordPress site.




White Design Studio, Cincinnati, Ohio, Columbus, Power Crunch, Graphic Design, Food & Beverage, Website Design, Digital, Packaging Design





White Design Studio, Cincinnati, Ohio, Columbus, Power Crunch, Graphic Design, Food & Beverage, Website Design, Digital, Packaging Design

White Design Studio is a multidisciplinary design firm located in Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio. We specialize in the design, production, and installation of integrated branding solutions. Our solutions orchestrate corporate identity, marketing, storytelling, environmental, photography, video, print and interactive elements. At White Design Studio, we believe the best way to communicate your brand’s story is through branded environments and experiences. We work with manufacturers, service providers, non-profits, architects and developers, agencies, distributors, governments and municipalities, and museums. First, we identify the work that a campaign, space, or interactive needs to do. We can then model a vision of what success looks like, and design to meet that vision. We are passionate about helping clients communicate their value through well-crafted storytelling, a consistent 2D, 3D, and digital design approach and expert production techniques.
Strategy: White Design Studio is your strategically-focused design source. Our marketing communications are custom-tailored to meet our customers’ objectives. Our creative solutions take many forms, but all are designed for maximum effectiveness. Each solution delivers key brand messaging to a wide variety of audiences.
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White Design Studio operates most efficiently in the design sweet-spot between environments, identity, and communications. Comfortable stretching any direction, we are at ease designing for one element. But, we are at our best when we can combine each element to develop a fully integrated brand and messaging system. We collaborate with industry-leading professionals on large-scale projects, but can also comfortably operate as your single-source design partner. We partner with Developers, Architects, Engineers, Facility Managers, Creative Directors, Marketing Departments Advertising Agencies and other Design Studios.