Branded Experience, Concept Design, Sculpture, Interactive, Exhibit Design, Multi-Media Design, Production Design
Tempe, Arizona

The Brand Experience hired us to use integrated environmental design to bring the University of Phoenix story to life. Their new flagship campus in Tempe, Arizona, offered an opportunity to use several design mediums to create the experience. The team’s campus tour experience demonstrates for business leaders, policymakers, investors and students what it means to be a Phoenix.


We were responsible for the exhibit, integrated environmental design and interactive programming within the experience. We worked closely with the creative and production team at The Brand Experience to bring the University’s story to life. Other members of The Brand Experience team included 3 Stage Design, Laundry! and DisplayWorks. The team also worked closely with the original architect and interior designer, Davis, to ensure seamless integration into the building.

Custom hanging sculpture in University of Phoenix lobby. Facts about the campus mixed with brand colors and imagery are suspended by a glowing logo. Designed by White Design Studio.

The story begins in the lobby with an emotional, informative sculpture to reinforce a few facts about the University of Phoenix while introducing visitors to the school’s brand. The custom, suspended sculpture pairs emotional imagery with important facts about the school. Integrated environmental design carries brand aspects from the sculpture throughout the space.

Detail of lifestyle image and mounting system for custom designed sculpture at the University of Phoenix lobby designed by White Design Studio.

Digital displays light up exhibit hallway at University of Phoenix in Arizona. Integrated environmental design by White Design Studio.

Digital theater experience informs visitors about University of Phoenix campus. Man stands in front of one of three digital displays in darkened hallway.

The tour starts with integrated digital displays welcoming visitors. Subtle environmental design cues then lead visitors through digital theaters that illustrate key University of Phoenix values. They can also see museum-quality static displays, informational kiosks and a conference room theater. Each element works seamlessly within the architecture, interior design and existing IT infrastructure to ensure a memorable experience for visitors.

Group of people walk down hallway ending in a digital environmental feature at the University of Phoenix.

Integrated environmental design feature includes static elements and digital to tell the University of Phoenix' story in the computer lab. In foreground, a person uses a computer.

Digital brand storytelling makes updating content easy and streamlined. Designed by White Design studio.

Timeline exhibit runs down hallway at University of Phoenix.

Architectural features and curved digital theater screen create a seamless experience at the University of Phoenix. LED lights in background can be adjusted for each presentation. Integrated environmental branding designed by White Design Studio.

Student uses theater room system to adjust LED lights and presentation on curved theater screen. Designed by White Design Studio.

Custom theater experience includes curved theater screen to mimic architecture and changeable LED lights. Designed by White Design Studio.

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