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Cincinnati, Ohio


We have been working with Watson’s for many years. This time we pulled out all of the stops to create a new integrated retail experience for the brand. Working with Gorilla Group in Chicago, we started by helping finalize and extend a new logo and tagline treatment. In addition, we created brand guidelines for all aspects of the new brand. We even designed a custom icon library of characters for use in in-store graphics, digital animations and more.


Working with SHP Architecture and CUC (Cincinnati United Contractors), we compose a new interior design package. The package included new exterior signs, interior branding, educational displays, electronic banners, category signs, and wayfinding. We also wrote the book on employee apparel, vehicle decor, and electronic in-store communications. Then, we detailed instructions on how to take this new look and system to other stores in the Watson’s family. This plan included smaller accessory and satellite stores as well.


Used as the new brand mark, our [W] is also shorthand for Watson’s original tagline: Watson’s has all the fun! We designed a 12’ high monument sculpture located in the new Watson’s roundabout. Seen from every direction, this sculpture is both centerpiece and signage.


To see more about the digital design for Watson’s, follow the link here.

Integrated retail experience starts at the entry where a custom directory and monumental, digital split-flap feature welcomes visitors to Watson's. Designed by White Design Studio as part of integrated retail experience..

We embraced the tagline “Life’s Best Moments Start Here” for our environmental design. A large-scale, custom, split-flap feature immediately greets shoppers on entry. This welcome feature sets the tone for everything Watson’s is selling. It represents meaningful connections with friends, family, nature and yourself! Look for our detailed story about the makings of this new feature in our Blog.

Hanging wayfinding made up of custom cut fabric frame with video projection and internally lit light box

Part of our integrated retail experience included large, in-store graphics and wayfinding to anchor each department. The design is a composition of hex video screens and lit department name signs. The videos depict the emotional essence of each category. They act as a constant reminder to customers of how this product will enhance their homes and lives.

Custom designed animations deliver sales promotions on digital banner system as part of the integrated retail experience designed by White Design Studio.

We also designed a system of digital banners and sprinkled them throughout the store. Controlled remotely, these displays are dynamic, targeted, attention-getting and consistent. Using our graphic guidelines and custom icon library, we designed and produced all digital content.


The result is a customized delivery of key messages for each department. Promotional events, vendor specials, and overarching Watson’s messaging are all included. 22 monitors deliver 116 different messages according to their location, date, and promotion. This system revolutionizes the retail environment and is both cost-effective and functional.

Custom designed iconography set for Watson's. Integrated retail experience designed by White Design Studio.

Inspired by the hex patterns of the new brand, we designed a custom iconography suite for Watson’s. The icons expand and shrink to fit a variety of needs. With the addition of simple animations, the icons are an effective tool for delivering brand messaging. This strategy helps maintain the fun atmosphere that embodies the Watson’s experience.

Stand alone wayfinding and digital banner system provide customers with important information. Integrated retail experience designed by White Design Studio.

Custom designed mobile package display designed by White Design Studio for Watson's as part of their integrated retail experience.

As part of our integrated retail experience for Watson’s, we designed custom displays. These displays are mobile and double as educational hubs for the sales team. Customers can visually see the Watson’s difference and select the perfect product for their family/lifestyle. Simple, clean, and beautiful displays cut through the surrounding clutter. We even designed a new, modular barstool display system. The display easily reconfigures for a variety of display options.

Custom, modular display system used for stools–design by White Design Studio as part of integrated retail experience for Watson's in Cincinnati.

Stand alone sign, red awnings and custom designed logo designate Markdown Marketplace as part of the overall retail design package for Watsons.

Markdown Marketplace is a place for special promotions, clearance items, and floor models. We designed the mark and facade for this new store-in-a-store.

Dimensional graphics, modular slatwall, and custom designed pallets and shelving display and describe various package options at Watson's.

Dimensional graphics read "Life is more relaxing by the pool" on grey wall above custom wooden displays for products designed by White Design Studio

Large, dimensional murals made from custom designed icon suite by White Design Studio.

The integrated retail experience expands in the Watson’s Pool Accessory Store. This is another store-in-store department that needed its own look. Fun, dimensional murals distinguish the Pool Accessory Store while staying on brand.


We helped create a comprehensive look for all Accessory stores/departments. Polished concrete floors, lighting, fixtures, graphics, interactive computer and vendor displays all combine to support the brand. Then we designed a detailed strategy so other satellite stores can adopt this look, stay consistent and be on brand.

Specially designed database system developed to help navigate Watson's vast catalogue of products–designs and database created by White Design Studio

Dimensional graphics and iPad presentations educate visitors about proper pool care. Integrated retail experience designed by White Design Studio for Watson's in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Pool School is an integral part of the Watson’s sale process. We organized and redesigned the pitch making it easy to use, understand, and buy.

Close up of iPad kiosk slideshow for Watson's

Bright red wall and large-scale dimensional graphics inform customers in a fun way

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