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You need a strong brand and everything that goes with it. WDS has the
perfect tools
for the job.

White Design Studio is your design partner. With our trusty pencil, we’ll create everything you need to build a memorable, fully integrated brand that speaks your message loud and clear.

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Get Your !#&t Together.
Logos, social media, web, print, environmental – we help you check all your boxes.

Most brands lack clarity and cohesion. This leads to a diluted and unclear message that prevents the brand from standing out in a saturated marketplace. So let us do the thinking for you. Our holistic approach helps you unify and strengthen your message. Now, your brand will not only stand out, but speak clearly and directly to your target audience – no matter where their interaction begins.

Shine Bright like a Diamond.
Take your brand from rough cut to polished gem.

Our integrated approach looks at every facet of your group, creating a clear and polished identity that shines. You will stand out, get noticed, and create more meaningful interactions with your audience. Now, everyone who comes into contact with your brand will sing your praises.

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